ensemble coaching

artistic vision

A music ensemble might be the strongest team that exists. Often with minimal preparation time, it is your task to perform together a convincing interpretation of a piece of music.

When coaching ensembles I mainly focus on cooperation and everything that is connected to it: how do you listen and communicate, which roll patterns are being taken, how is being dealt with tension or difference of opinion, how do you come together to a solid and convincing performance?

I also guide the process of artistic development, especially with young professional musicians. In the present post corona time it is even a bigger challenge to develop a vision and stay in touch with on one hand precious and vulnerable artistic ambitions and on the other side reality. . As no other, I know how individual ambition ánd group development are an essential part of forming an ensemble that is able to distinguish itself in a natural and convincing way.

At this moment I am course leader Musician 3.0 at the Utrechts Conservatorium.

I am also working as a tutor at the Residency of the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam

Some time ago, Ivar gave a very interesting presentation during a master circle for students aht the Royal Conservatroy in The Hague. He did not only talk about his rich experience as a performer (which the students of course appreciated very much), but also shared his thoughts about topics like artistic development and artistic identity. Questions came up like: how do you relate to the world as an artist? Or: what do you stand for?

It is of utmost importance that these questions are being asked to our students and not only offer them courses in the field of entrepreneurship and the business side of the professional practice. Artistic development, research and professional integration can be connected more. Ivar showed a pyramidical model that gave the students a good hold on the proces of thinking about this. Thank you, Ivar!

Martin Prchal

Adjunct-Director Royal Conservatory The Hague

Ivar was a fantastic tutor at the SQBA Residency last week! He is sensitive, respectful, inspiring, open-minded and clear. I am very much looking forward to working with him in the future SQBA Residency weeks.

Yasmin Hilberdink-Göker

Founder and Director string quartet biennale amsterdam